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Le Mans

For over 100 years the town of Le Mans in northern France has hosted a motorsport race that car manufacturers from around the World have strived to win. While single seater motorsport evolved into Formula racing, two seater sports cars and their drivers earn their place in history by winning at Le Mans. To honour its legendary status, we are delighted to announce our own Le Mans series.

Attaque de Temps

A French twist on our evergreen Time Attack.  You get thirty minutes at Le Mans to set the fastest lap in a car of our choice. Every month we switch it up, with a new iconic LM race car to test your skills. The winner receives a Le Mans series trophy.

Throughout February our focus car is the Nissan R390 GT1. This NISMO race car was built to rival other GT1 cars in the late 90’s and features an aluminium V8 engine. This replaced the six cylinder Nissan Skyline GTR-LM raced in the early 90s and was developed by Nissan in conjunction with TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) the UK. Nissan built a single road legal version prior to the race . That car remains in their possession. Nissan did suggest that should they have built one for a paying customer,  the price tag would have been $1M. We can only guess what one might be worth today.

Martin Brundle set a fastest lap time in the 1998 Le Mans of 3:43.15

You can book a 30 minute Arrive and Drive session any day of the week. Simply request Attaque de Temps – Le Mans Challenge on Arrival. You and your friends can undertake the challenge together, side-by-side. Race control will record all your lap data and you will automatically feature on our Leaderboard for the month. The fastest legal lap time wins the Le Mans series trophy.

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1 Comment

Ed Holley
Ed Holley
Feb 01

My grandson will be down Sunday for Le Man,s and time attact.

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