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Nurburgring Mondays 2024

Launched in November 2023, Nurburgring Mondays offers two hours driving on the infamous Nordschleife (North Loop) circuit in one of our professional motion simulators.  A 20KM circuit renowned as a testing ground for road and race cars alike.

We turn down the lights down for a more focused and immersive driving experience and invite you to choose from a selection of cars. Everyone is on track at the same time, so expect a little traffic as you attempt to improve your lap time.

Throughout March and April this year, our new focus car is the Ferrari 333SP. The 333 refers to the capacity of each of the twelve cylinders in this 4L engine. Adapted from 3.5L V12 featured in the Ferrari F1 car. The larger displacement being more reliable and better suited to the demands of endurance racing.  Designed and built by Ferrari in Maranello, for the US IMSA sports car championship series at the bequest of fellow Italian racing brand MOMA. The Ferrari 333SP is one of my favourite race cars to drive in simulation. Lap times never tell the whole story. I’ve driven faster but never better cars. The chassis and engine are perfectly matched and this balance and poise always brings a grin to my face. Feels good, sounds great, does precisely what you'd expect. A perfect race car.

Tony Southgate, the designer behind the Jaguar XJR-9, Nissan R390 GT1, Ford RS200 and Group B rally car, as well as technical director for BRM, Shadows and Arrows Formula One teams agrees with me, claiming this to be the greatest car he ever worked on.

So now it is your turn to experience, the best sports car prototype of the 20th century. Topping the leaderboard may be difficult, but simply experiencing this car is enough to guarantee enjoyment.

Throughout November and December 2023, our focus car was the Radical SR3 XXR, a purpose built dedicated race car built in the UK and featuring a Suzuki Hyabusa superbike engine. The Stig set a very impressive lap time of 6:52.403, but this time is not counted in the final positions – as he is a member of staff. 

Our first VRROOM Black edition Nurburgring Challenge Trophy was awarded to Alex Pilbeam. Alex is a regular and features regularly on our leaderboards, having learned his race craft with online iRacing competitions. Second place went to Liam Carter an individual who mainly races with a controller but who is remarkably adept with a steering wheel and pedals. Craig Mathieson, a family name with motorsport heritage came third, while Alex Bourgeois, Josh Hilton and Samuel Arthur all managed to set a lap time in sub 7 minutes, something this author failed to achieve (much to my frustration).

As dawn broke on a new year, we switched our focus car from the Radical to the Honda NSX GT3 evo. A larger, heavier and more powerful race car that features in the global WEC and GT sports car series. GT3 cars are the most prolific race cars, with a vast array of manufacturers competing in this homologated classification. A firm favourite with spectators, these modified road cars are the ‘halo’ products of many automative brands.

Once again Alex Pilbeam set the fastest lap with a time of 6:35.736, with second place claimed by Henry Timbrell. Aaron Harris, ‘one-to-watch’ appears prominently on many of our leaderboard took third. Seven drivers acheived a lap time under seven minutes.

Nurburgring Mondays will remain a regular Monday night special, open to novice and more experienced sim racers alike. Everyone is welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on track soon.


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