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Time Attack Championship

Updated: Apr 15

Time Attack is our evergreen grassroots sim racing series. Every month we pick one car and track combo and challenge 'all-comers' to set the fastest lap. At the end of the month we wipe clean the leaderboard and switch it up with a new car and track combo. Individual drivers can only win the laser engraved trophy once a year and never with the same car and track combo. With this in mind, we are introducing a Time Attack championship season. Here's how it works...

Championship Season

The leaderboard for each month in 2024 now comes with championship points awarded to the top twenty . The driver with the most points across all twelve months becomes the outright championship winner. There will be prize. We are not sure what yet – but there will be a prize.

You can follow the championship online. The 'Lap Data' page on our website shows leaderboards and championship standings. Simply select Time Attack S24 from the championship menu and you should see a leaderboard like this.

The championship leaderboard shows the standings for Time attack challenges undertaken in January, February and March (plus your projected points for the current month). Championship points have been awarded to forty six different drivers so far this year. Rather than all the glory going to the monthly winner, now the top 20 drivers all gain valuable championship points.

Previous winners can still benefit from entering next month's challenge. While you are excluded from taking home the trophy, you still earn championship points and perhaps win the championship season.

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