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Please refer to the FAQ section below for the most common questions asked. If you would like to contact us, please fill out and submit the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum age?

A. We do not recommend to under 12s. Our adult sized cockpits make it difficult for younger drivers to reach and operate the pedals. Younger drivers are welcome to try our simulators out for size. We will refund anyone unable to drive.

Q. Can under 18s come in the evening?

A. Yes. Under 18s can come anytime but need to be accompanied by an Adult after 6pm.

Q. Can we race each other?

A. Yes. We have twelve networked motion simulators. You can race side-by-side on the same track at the same time. For groups of more than twelve races are undertaken as heats.

Q. Can I just watch?

A. Yes. Anyone is welcome to come and watch their friends and family. It is free to do so and we have a comfortable bar and lounge serving tea, coffee, wine, beers and spirits with spectators TV screens.

Q. Can I come watch the F1 ?

A. We have numerous large TV screens shoewing Sky F1. You can watch any Formula 1 event that is on during our opening hours for free.

Q. Opening hours?

Monday -  Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm - 11pm

Sunday 12pm - 8pm

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