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Building a virtual race room in Brighton

From the very start we imagined VRROOM to be near to the beach, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and local attractions.  


VRROOM, the virtual race room, opened on May 13th 2023. We are located at 8 the Waterfront, Brighton Marina (on the upper level of the boardwalk behind Nando’s) and open 7 days a week.


While we very much regard ourselves as a family entertainment venue, our motion racing platforms don’t look like toys because they're not. We have  professional driving simulators with professional esports grade equipment. VRROOM is not an arcade – it’s so much more.

Focus on experience as much as equipment

We set out to have the most realistic and immersive race simulation equipment and the best environment in which to showcase them. A broad range of driving experiences, easy online booking, advanced centre and race management software with lap times sent straight to your smartphone. Live streamed race events and a comfortable bar and lounge area in which to follow all the action. 


Develop a grassroots venue for a growing esports community

When it comes to professional esports, sim or virtual racing is still in its formative years. While many see virtual racing as a fun experience undertaken on special occasions, others regard sim racing as highly competitive sport and dedicate many hours in pursuit of glory. We aim to build a bridge between the two –creating a grassroots virtual race room. Somewhere everyone can come and compete in a series of well organised events.


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