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Vallelunga and the Scorpion

There's a little known track nestled inland 20 miles north of Rome. The Autodromo Vallelunga was first constructed as a sand oval in post-war Italy . Since its inception in the 1950's Vallelunga has undergone several extensions and modifications. Our story focuses on the short 2 km twisty variant that is the club circuit. A circuit ideally suited to the little Italian fire cracker that is the Fiat Abarth 500 Assetto Corse, a race spec Fiat Abarth.

The Fiat 500 begun as Italy's post-war people's car and featured a 500cc motorbike engine mounted in the rear. Carlo Abarth started a company that became renowned for its replacement exhausts. His company was acquired by FIAT as a dedicated performance division. Carlo, a former motorbike racing champion used his birth sign, a scorpion, as the brand logo. FIAT resurrected and redesigned the 500 in 2007 and the Abarth performance variant was launched in 2008. This time it had a 1.4L turbo charged engine.

From the very first day we opened our doors in May 2023, VRROOM have offered a driving experience called Time Attack - 'star in a reasonably priced race car.' The idea is simple, match up a small race car with a short club style circuit and see who can set the fastest lap. We even have a magnetic leaderboard. People stick their times up and often take a photo for prosperity. Everyone loves this challenge and plenty of people return to give it another go.

This June's Time Attack story is Vallelunga and the Scorpion. A front engined car with a high centre of gravity isn't an easy proposition around Vallelunga – It's challenging as more than 200 people can affirm. Our motion simulators will not flatter you like an arcade game.

Victory went to Jamie Snelling with an impressive time of 56.487. 2nd place was secured by Garry Hayes with a time of 56.604 and the final podium place was bagged by Liam Carter with a time of 56.637 secs. Mark Kearon placed 4th and 'TheJokerofCards' 5th. A full list of times and overall placings are available to members via their 'MyAccount' membership page under the submenu 'lap data'. Membership is free - you can signup now to see this and other leaderboards.

Every month there is a new car and track for a new Time Attack challenge. The leaderboard is wiped clean and we go again, in search of a new fastest lap. Fathers and Mothers will come with their sons and daughters. Wives will compete against husbands. Best friends will tease each other and someone will be crowned the next Time Attack champion.

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