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The Magnificent Seven

Round 6 of the GTM Championship took place on Wednesday, 1st November. Our smallest field yet with seven drivers on the grid at Imola meant that everyone had the chance to acquire some decent points.

The GTM Championship is where drivers choose their car. The Mercedes AMG GT3 and BMW M6 GT3 are the most popular due to their greater stability as front engined cars. Josh Hilton and Samuel Arthur are two notable drivers who have previously raced in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. This mid engined car can deliver excellent lap times, but it can bite you, should you grab a little kerb on either entry or exit. However Race Sim Studios, the developer of all the GTM cars have recently released an update to the Lamborghini. I took it for a drive around Silverstone, the track featured in the next round of the GTM Championship, scheduled for Wednesday 22nd November. This updated Lambo does seem more stable and I had a blast driving it. Others now also consider this to be a good choice.

At Imola, current championship leader Jamie Snelling secured his fourth double race win. His 140 Championship points represents the maximum obtainable. The only driver capable of matching this achievement is Liam Carter who will need to win all the remaining races to match Jamie's total.

Samuel Arthur, Kyle Pike and Liam Carter race together as a group. They missed out on this round but remain the leading contenders for the remaining podium positions. Their absence opens the door for others to close the gap and threaten their current standings.

Aaron Harris, a relatively new Paddock Club member came second at Imola and is one to watch. Aaron has competed in just two rounds so far but is rapidly climbing up the Championship leaderboard. Dave Standing secured the final podium position at Imola and now sits in 5th place overall. Several other drivers; Alex Mitchell, Austin Pegg and last month's Time Attack winner Alex Pilbeam could all upset the standings should they choose to compete in the final rounds.

The mid field, is where most of the opportunities for advancement exist. Paul Micheli, Ben Morris, Meena Ibrahim, Richard Evans, Jordan Moyle, Kelvin Hassell, Holly Powell, Tommy O Donnell, Josh Hilton and Cameron Crowther could all trade places over the last two events, so there's still plenty to play for as we reach the last two rounds and this year's championship comes to a close before Christmas.

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