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Spa Francorchamps is the one circuit we universally adore.

Spa held its first Grand Prix in 1925 on what was a 14 km circuit, utilising large sections of public roads and running past houses and electricity pylons. Spa has always been a fast and dangerous circuit. Now shortened to 7km of dedicated racing tarmac, Spa remains fast and dangerous, though it’s a ‘pussy cat’ compared to savage beast it was prior to 1970.

SPA DAYS ran 27th - 30th July in celebration off this year’s Belgium Grand Prix and challenged all-comers to set the fastest lap in their choice of two cars.

The Formula Hybrid 23, is the work of Race Sim Studios Ltd. A small dedicated team of developers who we think create the best sim racing mods. The second car on offer was the ‘Kunos’ Porsche 911 RSR. A firm favourite among the Assetto Corsa community, this wide bodied Porsche 911 with a huge rear diffuser gives you more traction than any other 911.

Despite this competition only running for 4 days, 13 people contested Spa in the 911 RSR and more than 30 tried the Formula Hybrid. The top five finishers in both cars win a VRROOM cap (with their finishing position proudly displayed too). If you are a winner, the next time you visit VRROOM ask at race control and we’ll present you with your prize.

Matthew Rees Edwards set the fastest lap in both cars. A new comer to VRROOM, Matthew quietly went about his business letting his lap times do the talking. Jonathan Pavey, a more familiar face returned to VRROOM with a new family member. Jonathan had taken a few weeks out since his last visit to become a father for the second time. Congratulations to Jonathan on both achievements. A 2nd place in both cars and a 2nd child. Two is obviously Jonathan’s lucky number.

Daniel Gallagher took third place in the RSR, while Adam Fitzgerald took the final podium place in the Formula Hybrid. 4th placed finishers were Kyle James and Josh Adsett. The final prize winners were Ethan Storey Davidson and Talvyn Singh.

There were a few drivers who failed to set a single valid lap and are unfortunately omitted from the results. You must complete a lap without exceeding track limits, which means keeping at least one wheel inside the track limits for an entire lap, to feature in any of our competition leaderboards.

SPA DAYS was a resounding success and we will be holding more competitions like this one in the future. The idea is offer something different and appealing to everyone regardless of their prior experience. We purposefully do not provide lots of advanced notice about these type of events, so there is little opportunity to practice and prepare for them.

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