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Some things are worth fighting for. Sim racing at VRROOM

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Round 1 of the GTM Championship, the first public race event in our company’s short history was a special occasion.

Since we opened, nearly 1,000 drivers have registered at VRROOM race control and 16 brave individuals joined us on Wednesday 12th July, 7.30pm - 10pm.

The evening kicked off with 2 rounds of qualifying. Everyone keenly observed the leaderboard as lap times quickly tumbled. The fastest lap was set by Jamie Snelling.

Regulars at the Torque Moto cafe in Horsham including Liam Carter, Kyle Pike, and Samuel Arthur all featured well. Rumour has it they invested plenty of time practising for this event.

The self proclaimed ‘rust bucket boys’ made up a fair chunk of the grid. Jordan Moyle, Sunny Hall, Tim Sandhu, Fraser Strafford, Josh Hudson, Richard Evans and Jon Hatley were separated by only 3 seconds. In the end the entire grid was within 8% of the pole position time.

The dark horses of the grid were Tom Evrill, Louis Boulton and Sam Slinger, Ethan Storey Davidson and Daniel Gallagher. These guys peppered the qualifying lineup up and some went on to podium finishes.

Everyone got two races in which to prove themselves on track. The racing was excellent. There were a few dubious attempts at overtaking and qualifying did not ensure drivers got the right grid slots. We made a few mistakes, but we will learn from them.

Round 2 is now live and available to book online. We already have a few new faces entering the fray and we hope to see some familiar ones returning to add more points to their championship tally. Ultimately the GTM championship is about building a community that enjoy racing together and we welcome all comers.

The next round is to be held on Wednesday 2nd August, 7.30pm-10pm and will take place on the Nurburgring GP circuit. We have a leaderboard up at the marina showing the fastest laps set around this circuit. Why not come down. Regardless of whether you’re at the top or a few seconds off the pace, racing is primarily about testing yourself, competing despite the fact you’re not the fastest. Building racing experience and completing side by side with others is an adrenaline rush. We encourage you to try it. It’s addictive.

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1 comentário

Austin Pegg
Austin Pegg
29 de jul. de 2023

Can’t wait to enter round 2! and see where i match up! looking forward to it. hopefully I can get some practice in before hand 👍

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