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Lotus at the Bull Ring

July’s Time Attack results are now in. The reasonably priced club sport race car was the Lotus Exige 240R and the track featured was the Red Bull Ring national circuit.

One small piece of car related trivia first. Why do all Lotus cars start with the letter E? Colin Chapman begun the Lotus nomenclature with a simple numerical reference. Hence we have cars such as the Lotus 7. When launching the Lotus 11, Chapman was conscious that people might mistake the number 11 as a mark II and decided to refer to the road car as the Lotus Eleven for greater clarity. Ever since Lotus have named their road cars with names beginning with the Letter E. There has been an Elan, Europa, Esprit, Eclat, Elite, Elise, Exige, Evora and most recently the Evija, Eletra and Emira. So there you have it, an irrelevant car fact to spurt out during an awkward silence at your next car meet or track day.

The Lotus Exige, like its sister car the Elise has a bonded aluminium chassis, the first of its kind in any road car. It’s also the chassis used by Elon Musk to develop the World’s first all-electric sports car the Tesla Roadster.

Getting down to the business of who was fastest – this month’s winner and the recipient of the VRROOM laser crystal Time Attack trophy was Jamie Henderson, a motorsport videographer from Durham who popped by VRROOM on a recent road trip and set the winning time on his first attempt. Second place goes to Harrison Simpson. Harrison is a very determined individual and we feel certain he will be a future winner – there’s simply no holding him back. He’s a born racer. Louis Boutlon, another talented teenager took third place. Jack Sexton made three attempts in a single day last week to secure fourth place. Justin Saint Laurent an avid Canadian sim racer recently moved to Brighton and took fifth place with his first and only attempt.

Time Attack is one of our most popular experiences and competitions. We get drivers of all ages and experience pop in to give it a go. The top 25 times each month reflect the popularity, growing awareness and expanding reach of VRROOM, the Virtual Race Room here at Brighton Marina. It is a notable achievement if you made it in to the Top 25, congratulations! If you hold a top five position you have won a special edition Time Attack baseball cap and can collect it on your next visit.

As we enter August, the next Time Attack challenge is now underway. As I type, a visiting overseas sim racer is roaring round the track in the hope that he will be the next Time Attack winner. Who knows – maybe it will be you?

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