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How fast am I ?

How fast am I? It’s a reasonable question. One we get asked a lot. With more than three thousand drivers now registered at race control, we are about to start awarding driver badges. Bronze, sliver and gold badges. Here’s how you can win a badge and monitor your progress as you climb the sim racing ranks.

Every month hundreds of drivers try our Time Attack challenge, competing to set the fastest lap. The winner receives a laser engraved crystal trophy. Runners up win a cap, but hundreds enter and only five win prizes. With our new driver badge system, we will automatically award a bronze, silver and gold badge to those that make the grade. Here’s how you can earn your badge.

Firstly you will need to have an account on our website. Signup/login in our website menu to create your profile. This allows you to manage your profile and decide what can be seen by others – including your badges. How much information you make public is up to you.

Bronze level (+10%)

To win a bronze award, you need to set a Time Attack lap time that falls within +10% of the fastest. If the winning lap time is 60 seconds, then you need to set a lap time under 66 seconds (60+10% = 66). Statistically less than 50% of drivers achieve this. It often takes a rookie racer several attempts to get their time down to within 10%. It takes focus, effort and skill. Congratulations if you win a bronze badge, this means you are faster than most.

Silver (+5%)

To win a silver award, you will need to set a Time Attack lap that falls within +5% of the fastest (under 63 seconds, if the fastest lap is 60 seconds). This is a more challenging achievement. Statistically, less than 20% of drivers achieve this. It doesn’t matter if it takes you several attempts to get your lap time down. A silver badge shows you have a good understanding of the racing line, braking zones and how to control a car on the edge of adhesion.

Gold (+2%)

The margin for error required to achieve the gold standard is slim. You need to be quick everywhere. This is the reserve of our most experienced drivers. If you receive a gold badge, then you are faster than nine out ten.

Badges are awarded via our website to those with profiles at the end of the month. Your bronze, silver or gold badge will automatically be added to those with profiles. These are digital badges, not lapel badges.

We have always declared ourselves as a grassroots esports venue. Some where everyone can enjoy sim racing. Racing is fun but no-one goes from zero to hero overnight. The badge system means we can create events where you get to race other drivers of a similar level to yourself. Everyone enjoys closer racing and has a greater chance of winning a race or two.

For those that don’t receive a badge or are just not ‘feeling’ the competitive side of sim racing – that’s great too. You can come down for some fun driving around a track with friends and family. We welcome lots of social groups looking to bond over a shared experience, or celebrate a birthday. We’re all about the social side of sim racing. Some where everyone can enjoy racing for fun with zero experience required.

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