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A championship race series based on modern Formula 1 cars at iconic international circuits.

60 minute race experience. 5 race events. Scheduled on Sundays. Suitable for drivers aged 16+. Spectators welcome

The Formula Hybrid Championship features the RSS (Race Sim Studios) car built to FIA 2023 F1 specifications and comprises 5 Sunday race events. Championship points are awarded for each race to all participating drivers. The overall championship winner will receive a bespoke trophy and the top 3 places will receive prizes.

Drivers can participate in a single race event or multiple races to compete for the overall championship title. The next event is scheduled for 2pm Sunday 7th January 2024.

Each event includes a 20 minute qualifying session where the fastest 'legal' lap set by each driver determines their race start grid position. A small comfort break allows each driver time out before the main race which typically lasts around 35 minutes and will be a set distance (number of laps) with slight variation depending on the track length. The total sim time is approx. 60 minutes.

Below is a table of the current championship standings after the completion of the first two of five races. We still welcome new drivers. You may have missed the first two races, but you can still come for the thrill of racing. Not all drivers from Round 1 or 2 may attend future races, so there is still a chance to feature well on the championship leaderboard. You can also come and watch an event if you are considering any of our other upcoming chamopsionship race series which includes a Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) championship series aswell as Radical SR3 Championship series. Both get underway in January and are scheduled on Wednedsay evenings.

Below is the current Formula Hybrid Championship standings.

Round 1 was won by Jamie Snelling having traded places with Samuel Arthur so many times I lost count. Eventually Jamie secured the victory and Samuel Arthur had to settle for 2nd place. What a race! Round 2 was won by Harrison Simpson who drove to a comfortable victory having led from the start. Harrison drove extremely well, made no mistakes and kept an excellent pace from start to finish. Aaron Harris also drove very well to a comfortably secure second place.

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Ed Holley
Ed Holley
Jan 09

Any results for R3 and points table please.

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