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A legend begins

Legend and folklore are passed down through generations, growing and evolving to become larger than life. This is how our legend begins…

A gentle sea breeze cools an otherwise scorching summer day as silhouettes emerge through the summer haze. These are our drivers. Some indistinguishable from the ordinary, while others stand out with their confident stride, Ferrari jackets, and Sparco race boots.

Team Endurance Racing is unlike solo racing. You must rely on others. There is a strategy to agree on, an order to arrange, and four hours of high-speed, split-second decisions to share.

Some drivers are seasoned professionals with hundreds of competitive hours behind them. Others are relative rookies enjoying their first taste of competitive sim racing. You have to experience it to truly appreciate it. This is not some arcade fantasy – it’s so much more. There’s an honesty to its realism. Teams choose their tyre compounds and can adjust fuel intake and tyre pressures. It’s often these small details that separate the winners from the rest.

Surely any challenge worth undertaking should seem almost impossible at first glance. It takes courage to compete. Failing to win a race is not a defining moment. For the more resilient, failure is simply one step on the road to success. Every legend benefits from a gripping origin story.

Eleven teams line up on the starting grid at the Circuit de la Sarthe. In a ‘parallel universe’ created here at Brighton Marina, the year is 1998, and the new Toyota GT-One is the car everyone in the paddock is talking about. A purpose-built sport prototype that pushes the homologation regulations to the extreme. Eleven cars, thirty-six drivers. Two hundred minutes of racing await. Engines rev, and like dogs in neighbouring gardens, a chorus of barks ricochets up and down the grid. The clock strikes six, and the race gets underway. Our live stream spins up a Twitch server, and like magic, the race is live for everyone to watch around the world.

Sim racing has many variants, but not all are equal. Some are destined to be legendary. The following drivers can proudly say they were the first. Others will surely follow.

  1. JAHA Harrison Simpson, Aaron Harris, Jamie Snelling, Austin Pegg 

  2. Bumper Munchers  Joshua Pounds, Albert Lucking, Toby Klein 

  3. Three Muppets and The Stig   Josh Hilton, Cameron Crowther, Tom Johnson, Josh Bacon 

  4. Dream Rush   Dave Standing, Paul Michell, John Parvin, Xavier Sanderson

  5. Bill and Bens  William Lavers, Ben Spiring, Benjamin Clothier 

  6. Mother Truckers  James Down, Marc Briggs

  7. DAC Racing Laurence Dawson, Rory Dawson, Alex Dawson 

  8.  Frosts 4 Cars Bertle Frost, Toby Frost, Bill Prout

  9. Hurrell Racing Harry Hurrell, Thomas Dale, Josh Turkr, Ollie Hurrell 

  10. Carbon Fibaaaah Tom Reid, Lawrie Mewse, Taku Makamure, Luke Jackson 

  11. Three Sixty Aidan Bowen, Warren Welford, Miles Parvin Live stream Connor Murphy, Adam Heasman.

Team Endurance Racing at VRROOM is open to everyone: university friends, family teams, work colleagues, or anyone curious about sim racing. Need teammates? No problem, we have a Discord community server to connect with others.

Come for the adrenaline rush and to test your limits. The pure joy of competing in an endurance race keeps me counting the days until our next event.

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