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Time Lords

Time Attack. One Car. One Track. Every month we switch it up.

The challenge this November was to set the fastest lap in a Radical SR3 XXR around Donington Park national circuit. One hundred and forty three different drivers gave it a shot.

We are awarding digital badges to all drivers who have a website account/profile. These badges are awarded based on November's results and for all future Time Attack results. These badges are awarded by us purely for your enjoyment.

Gold badges are awarded to all drivers who set a lap time in this month's Time Attack challenge, where their lap time falls within +2% of the fastest. Five drivers along with the outright winner get gold badges. This month awarded to 6 out of 143 entrants.


Silver is awarded to those who set a lap time within +5% of the fastest. This month awarded to 10 out of 143 entrants.


Bronze is awarded to drivers who set a lap time with +10% of the fastest. This month 22 drivers out of 143 entrants are awarded bronze.

We award drivers badges for fun – so you can enjoy collecting more badges over time. If you feel as though you have earned a badge but do not see the award in your profile, let us know and we will update your profile accordingly. It helps if your profile includes your name as we can more easily identify you and award badges correctly.

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